Sail Nomat Smlr


An Essence Sensed

                     of the Invisible Visible


 I look for opportunities

       where the boundaries of physicality may bleed

              to enhance that with clarity

                     for a peek beyond our crafted conceptions.


A realist photography to encourage internal abstraction and invite deeper...

       look, look first, openly, near and far

              it may be easier to feel, but just start to see


                            elusive - on the edges of vision,


                                          usual we’re just less conscious of perceiving.


Last summer a dinghy made of a patchwork of fiberglass was sitting on the placid waters of Town Cove in Eastham on Cape Cod. The first direct sun of the day struck it in a changing mixture of brilliant reflection and transparency.

What I saw was a boat trying very hard to be that much more to me.


I look for presence

        that there may be other qualities inherent in what we are observing

              an essence sensed in ways not commonly visible

                     outside of time relevant only to our own subjectivity.


Years ago in Labrador, among the Innuit - someone says “I am a seal,” an introduction, an identification of who they are, how they are seen, an indication of how they may be beyond this living, and have been.

sense beyond the corporal



© 2001 Paul Eric Johnson